Instructor Files

Here you will find a collection of Files that will be used throughout the Accreditation Process.

Print[ED] Accreditation Checklist Aug 22.pdf

Program Accreditation Checklist

This checklist provides a step-by-step overview of Accreditation to keep track of your process.

Print[ED] Instructor Data Form - Fillable.pdf

Instructor Data Form

This form is to be completed by the instructor before the Facility, Equipment and Safety Inspection is performed by a Print[ED] Team Member.

Sections with a red asterisk are required.

Print[ED] Accreditation Standards Guide Aug 22.pdf

Print[ED] Accreditation Standards Guide

The Print[ED] Accreditation Standards Guide explains what is required to fully satisfy each Standard.

Standard 2 Facility, Equipment and Safety Inspection Checklist - Fillable.pdf

Facility, Equipment, and Safety Inspection Checklist

The Facility, Equipment, and Safety Inspection Checklist (Standard 2) goes into the details on the specifics required to pass this Standard for Accreditation.

Fillable Equipment/Software List

Ptint[ED] Fillable_Equipment-Software_List.xlsx

Fillable Hazardous Chemicals List

Print[ED] Fillable_Hazardous_Chemicals_List.xlsx
Print[ED] Final Evaluation-Information.pdf

Final Evaluation Information Sheet

This document is used to identify a program's Evaluation Team Members who will review Standard 3.2A. A final step in the process before the Final Evaluation.

Print[ED] Accreditation_Notification_Form - Fillable.pdf

Program Contact Information

Used by Print[ED] staff to ensure all the contact information for a program is up to date when it's time for Accreditation Renewal.