Instructor Files

These files have been made available for your reference. Please download documents as needed.

Program Accreditation Checklist.pdf

Program Accreditation Checklist

This checklist provides a simple step-by-step list to keep track of your accreditation process.


Instructor Data Form

This form is to be completed by the instructor before the Facility, Equipment and Safety Inspection is performed by your Evaluation Team Leader (ETL). Sections with an asterisk are required.

Print[ED] Accreditation Standards.pdf

Print[ED] Accreditation
Standards Guide

Facility, Equipment and Safety Inspection Report PGAMA-Interactive Form.pdf

Facility, Equipment, and Safety Inspection Report

Ptint[ED] Fillable_Equipment-Software_List.xlsx

Fillable Equipment/Software List

Print[ED] Fillable_Hazardous_Chemicals_List.xlsx

Fillable Hazardous Chemicals List