Competency Review Sheets and Stickers

Competency Review Sheets are used to guide the process of organizing and documenting which competencies have been satisfied with proof of instruction.

Competency Stickers are labels that are used to identify where in the curriculum the instruction to satisfy a competency is located. Use of stickers is optional.

Stickers are 1-1/2" x 1/2" 100 per sheet and can be ordered from or Kenco Tab and Label Company.

Run a test to verify the location of the labels before running a large quantity. Template may need to be adjusted up or down.

IntroGraphicCommsReview - Fillable.pdf

Introduction to Graphic Communications Competency Review Sheet


Introduction to Graphic Communications Competency Stickers

GraphicDesignReview - Fillable.pdf

Graphic Design Competency Review Sheet


Graphic Design Competency Stickers

DigitalFilePrep_OutputReview - Fillable.pdf

Digital File Prep & Output Competency Review Sheet


Digital File Prep & Output Competency Stickers

OffsetPressBinderyReview - Fillable.pdf

Offset Press Operations and Binding & Finishing Competency Review Sheet


Offset Press Operations and Binding & FinishingCompetency Stickers

DigitalProductionReview - Fillable.pdf

Digital Production Printing Competency Review Sheet


Digital Production Printing Competency Stickers

ScreenPrintingReview - Fillable.pdf

Screen Printing Competency Review Sheet


Screen Printing Competency Stickers