June 2020 Newsletter

We are happy to announce that Print[ED] will be offering a virtual professional learning opportunity for Print[ED] instructors this summer on Tuesday, August 11, 2020. Due to COVID-19, we changed the Print[ED] conference format from a face-to-face meeting to a one-day online training. The cost to participate in the professional learning conference is $100 per person. Once registered, materials and the link to the Zoom meeting will be sent to the participant prior to August 11th. These materials will be used during the training.

Workshop Topics:

  • Print[ED] updates;

  • Industry updates and trends;

  • Discuss various ways to promote Print[ED];

  • Digital instruction for distance learning;

  • Discuss digital finishing and uses within the classroom; and

  • Support the professional learning community among the Print[ED] instructors.

Please register for the professional learning by July 28, 2020, using the registration link Graphic Communications-Print[ED] Registration Form. To pay by credit card, please call Esther Slansky at PGAMA at 410.319.0900. To submit payment in the form of a check, make payable to the Printing & Graphics Association MidAtlantic in the amount of $100, and mail your payment and a copy of your registration form to:

Esther Slansky

Printing and Graphics Association MidAtlantic

9160 Red Branch Road, Suite E-9

Columbia, Maryland 21045

If you have any questions, please contact Paul Foster, Director of Print[ED], at 410.319.0900 or via email at info@print-ed.org.

Print[ED] Style and Brand Guide

With all of the updates we have been making to the existing Print[ED] program, we wanted to publish a style and branding guide for use with our new logo. This guide contains information on the basic use of our new logo as well as using the name Print[ED] inline with normal text. We have also provided vector versions of our logos (Print[ED] and PGAMA) for use as well. As a bonus for being a Print[ED] accredited program, here is a link to a special logo that you can use to show everyone that you are accredited. If you notice anything missing in the guide or have any questions please feel free to reach out to us!

Accreditation Activity May 2020 —

Georgia Schools are on a Roll!

Five more Georgia schools achieved accreditation in May. Congratulations to:

The instructors from the College & Career Academies were able to collaborate on their accreditations, working together to lessen the load. Teaching in the same school district helped their collaborative efforts. What can you do if there isn’t a program to collaborate within your geographic area?

Many instructors think that geographic barriers and differences in the nature of their program hinder their ability to collaborate with other programs. Schedules are different, students are different, different equipment, different lesson plan formats, policies, and procedure. How can a collaborative effort with an out-of-district program be remotely possible? The answer is a combination of Print[ED] competencies, video conferencing (ex. Zoom), and digital notebooks. The Print[ED] competencies are universal and provide a framework for collaboration between programs. Add video conferencing and digital notebooks and the other program can be “virtually” next door.

If you are interested in collaborating with another program on accreditation but can’t find one, contact us and we can connect you to instructors that are either in-state or out-of-state, similar to your program.

Just one of the many benefits of being part of the Print[ED] Professional Learning Committee!


The Print[ED] Professional Learning Community (PLC) Forum is an open forum for instructors to collaborate on various Print[ED] topics. If you would like to become a member please send us an email with your name, organization, and the email you would like to have associated with the forum.

Skill Area Skeletons are available on the Google Shared Drive. Please send us an email if you are interested in joining the shared drive. Skeletons for Introduction to Graphic Communications, Graphic Design, Digital File Prep & Output, and Screen Printing. Skeletons are forthcoming for Offset Press Operations & Binding and Finishing and Digital Production Printing. Instructions for downloading skeletons can be found here.

Print[ED] Accreditation Renewal. Do you know when your accreditation renewal is due? We will send renewal reminders to you starting 6 months before your renewal is due. If you would like to get a head start on the renewal process, submitting an application is free. Access to the application form can be found here.