March 2022 Newsletter

It was great to see you!

We want to thank everyone who attended our first event of 2022, our Virtual Print[ED] Winter Conference! WinterCon was an example of how great things happen when instructors get together either virtually or in person to discuss the common challenges that everyone faces. Following are some highlights of the discussion. It started with a resource share led my Marie Pearson of College and Career Academy North Campus, GA. A great roundtable for new and different material that can be used the classroom.

Next, Jeff Sharp from the Applications and Research Lab of Columbia, MD spoke about a recent graduate who has ventured out on their own and is working as a freelance graphic designer. Jeff gave a tour of Matt Skovron’s website ( The discussion can be viewed by going to 54:45 on the recording of the conference. Matt’s portfolio was fantastic, especially the logo development page ( (57:30 on the recording).

Jeff also spoke about the AP 2d Art program and how he introduces the project to his seniors (59:40 on the recording). He combines the senior project with the AP 2d Art submission to get the most mileage from their art. Jeff also included a presentation that explains the steps to be taken if you plan to offer the AP2d Art submission to your students. He emphasized that you do not need to be an “AP” school or an AP Class to offer it to your students. Jeff Can be reached at Thanks also to Dana Huber for sharing her vocabulary activity.

You can watch a recording of the event here. Our next event will be our 2022 Virtual Print[ED] Spring Conference, which will be held on Thursday, May 19th. Make sure you save the date!

Paper Supply Issues: From the Experts

No issue is more critical to a printer than the supply chain challenges surrounding paper. On February 3, 2022 our parent company, the Printing and Graphics Association MidAtlantic (PGAMA) hosted a webinar to address the current supply issues. The webinar was presented by PGAMA and Tony Golden of Lindenmeyr-Munroe Paper Co., with guest speakers Gilbert Goodworth of Domtar Paper Co and Michael Robinson of Verso. The mill representatives and Tony shared reasoning for the current market and provided some insights and strategies for printers to use during these unprecedented times.
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Memory Book Season—Placing Graphics

Professional Development for your Instructor Data Form can take many forms (20 hours required). As I was exploring Creative Pro Network it dawned on me. Why shouldn't How-to videos and podcasts count as PD? The short answer is they do now! All you have to do is provide documentation stating where you found the resource, how long it is, whether you would recommend the resource to a colleague, and a screenshot of the resource.

That being said, I saw this Tip of the Week from Mike Rankin, Editor in Chief, CreativePro Network ( and it instantly made me think of high school Memory Book Season . . . Hundreds, maybe thousands of photos to place?
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