November 2020 Newsletter

Another One in the Books

On October 16th, a group of 40 Print[ED] instructors from around the country gathered on Zoom to participate in the Virtual Print[ED] Fall Professional Learning Day (PLD). Jill Boorse, Sales Manager, Mohawk Paper, started the PLD with a presentation on Mohawk's new line of paper called Mohawk Renewable. Information about the line can be found at Mohawk Connects. The second session, "Graphics and Designing for Print" was a remote presentation given by Pete Burch, Creative Director, and Liz Richardson, Owner, Indigo Ink Printing. Pete and Liz talked about the importance of communicating with your printer, especially when utilizing new digital embellishment technology like coating and foil.

Next, Shannon Romeo, Human Resouces Leader of Strategic Factory, spoke on "Mock Interviews for Students." She shared what she looks for in a candidate and how things improve or lessen the chances of being hired. The last session of the PLD—"Distance Learning Roundtable."— was an open discussion on the pros and cons of distance learning and remote instruction.

If you did attend the live PLD attended and have not completed the post-event survey, please fill out the survey here. Once again we want to thank all of the businesses that helped support this event!

Couldn't make it? If you missed the Fall Professional Learning Day, you can view the full event here, as well as past events as well.

So now the question is, what's next? For that, we need your help! Fill out our Print[ED] Future Event Survey to help us gauge when to plan our next event. We want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to attend at the best time for them!

Current Digital Offerings for Graphic Communications

With a lot of events and offerings still running virtually, we wanted to highlight some of the best ones on the scene right now.

  • PRINTING United Digital Experience: The PRINTING United Digital Experience, the premier graphic communications industry event of the year, is taking place online Oct. 26-Nov. 12. With educational sessions, live product demos, and special events, this is a great resource for seeing and learning about what's new and upcoming in the graphic communications industry. Registration is free and only requires a valid email address.

  • Adobe MAX: Although it's over, Adobe MAX — The Creativity Conference, had over 350 sessions on creativity and how it can be fully expressed through their software. There are a lot of great sessions that you can watch on-demand by going to their page.

  • Sappi POP: POP from Sappi paper company delivers regular marketing inspiration, news, branding trends, and print advertisement insights that bring your paper marketing to life. There are a plethora of articles and related videos on each of the topics they cover. Right now you can also request a free copy of their book Reach Out and Touch The Joy of Physical in the Digital Age.

Updates to the Print[ED] Drive

We've recently added some new files to the Print[ED] Shared Drive that we hope will help act as resources for you and your program. A couple of highlights include:

  • Introduction to Graphic Communications Resources: Sets of slides that we created at Print[ED] have been added to the Introduction to Graphic Communications Resources Folder. These can be used as a base or guide for adding material to your curriculum for this competency.

  • Print[ED] Accreditation Standards Skeleton: The skeleton files have been updated and split out with Zip files for both Mac and PC. This is to help with pathway errors that were being encountered when being downloaded on a PC. These skeletons represent a digital version of the physical binders that were used in the past. There are also "About" documents for the skeletons if you want to read more about them.

We hope to continue to provide and update you with more resources in the future.

Print[ED] Holiday Card

After such a long and crazy year, we want to help brighten your spirits by sending you a 2020 Print[ED] Holiday Card! If you would like to receive one, please fill out this survey here: Print[ED] Mailing Survey. If we do any other offerings like this in the future we'll go ahead and use the address provided.