November 2021 Newsletter

Thanks for Attending!

Thank you to everyone who attended our 2021 Virtual Print[ED] Fall Conference! Between the morning and evening groups, we had two great sessions. The first being on Wide Format equipment and maintenance and the second focusing on Print[ED] Accreditation Time Savers. With the Wide Format, we had a chance to see what type of equipment people are using in their classrooms as well as different tips on keeping them running at top condition. A special thanks to Jimmy Roder who came up with a Wide Format Tools and Equipment List. The next session featured Paul Foster, Director or Print[ED] going over the new process and time savers to help your get accreditation completed even faster. The supporting files can be found on our Shared Drive here: Navigating the New Print[ED].

Our next event will be our 2022 Virtual Print[ED] Winter Conference, which will be held on Thursday, February 3rd. Make sure you save the date!

Global Supply Chain Challenges: Digital Ink

"It’s a tale that’s being told repeatedly these days. Across the globe, shipping delays, supply chain issues, and product shortages continue to plague nearly every industry. These problems are no less prevalent in the wide-format printing industry. Within that segment lies a crucial piece of the puzzle experiencing issues: ink. It’s the shortage of factory workers. It’s the lack of availability of raw materials, like pigment. It’s the containers used to store the ink and the cargo ships carrying it. It’s the backlogged docks … it’s everything. The ripple effects of this are felt everywhere, with one specific pain point being price. As announcements of price increases continue to roll out on both raw materials and ink itself, the surge in dollar signs has immediate effects on printing shops everywhere trying to fill an onset of orders."

In Remembrance: Dr. Jack Simich

We wanted to take a moment to remember Dr. Jack Simich, who was the Director of Education for many years at the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (GATF) on Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA. During that time he welcomed hundreds of graphic communications educators from all over the USA and beyond to workshops and seminars that he and his GATF colleagues planned and conducted for numerous years. Jack was responsible for obtaining funding from GATF member companies to use for scholarships to help graphic communications educators attend the seminars and week-long workshops. He and his colleagues developed a scholarship recipient plan which consisted of mileage circles centering on Pittsburgh and throughout the USA and Canada. Click here for Jacks full obituary

Updated Print[ED] Promotional Materials

Another reminder that we have updated our Print[ED] brochures to help promote your program as well as satisfy certain Standards for Print[ED] Accreditation. We have one targeted towards potential students and their parents, along with a separate one you can use with any industry partners you have.

For the Accreditation process, these can help satisfy:

Standard 4.1B: Are students informed about certifications and the availability of Print[ED] on-line assessments?

Standard 4.2A: Is there information about the Print[ED] program available to students and parents?

Standard 5.1C: Are all members of the Advisory Committee provided a Print[ED] orientation to ensure that they have a full understanding of the program?

Both new and old versions of the brochures can be found on the Print[ED] Shared Drive under Promotional Material.

Not part of the Print[ED] Drive or Forum? Not a problem! Just send us an email with your name, organization, and a valid Google email you would like to have associated with the forum.