October 2020 Newsletter

Can you believe it's already October? We hope everyone has been staying safe and had a smooth transition into the world of distance learning. As previously discussed, after our success with the Virtual Summer Conference, we look forward to providing you, the instructor, high-quality, relevant, professional development opportunities. Up next, the Print[ED] Fall Professional Learning Day! Join us on October 16, 2020, from 8:45 am–1:00 pm for discussions on various topics, including Mock Interviews and Designing for Print.

This Professional Learning Day is FREE to attend! Sign up now to reserve your Zoom seat at the conference. As we did for the summer conference, we will send an envelope of materials to enhance your virtual experience.

Register by October 9* to lock in your seat and ensure your package's delivery by October 16! We hope to see you there!

*Registrations received after October 9 can still attend but will not receive the envelope of material. If you can't attend the professional learning day, signup anyway to receive the materials. Recordings will be made available a few days after the event.

Free Activities for Distance Learning

Graphic Communications: Digital Design and Print Essentials, 6th Edition is a textbook used by some Print[ED] programs to teach Introduction to Graphic Communications. Goodheart-Wilcox (G-W), offers a variety of resources available for purchase, including a printed and digital online textbook, student workbooks, assessment question banks, and instructor presentations.

G-W has made the books companion website accessible to everyone, whether the textbook has been purchased or not. Available are free vocabulary activities suitable for distance learning.

Vocabulary activities include E-Flash Cards, Matching Activities, Vocabulary Game, and Review Questions. Detailed instructions for the activities can be found here.

An Interactive Glossary sorted by topic is also available on the companion website. Topics can be selected from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

While these activities are not earth-shakers, they do reinforce Industry vocabulary and can be used for productive in-between time.

If interested in purchasing the textbook, see www.g-w.com/consultant to locate the G-W consultant nearest you.

Print[ed] Blog

In our ongoing effort to help provide a robust Professional Learning Community, we've started a Print[ED] Blog! The Blog is about teaching Graphic Communications in the secondary/post-secondary/adult ed classroom. It will contain various topics and thoughts about classroom trends and how all education levels can be aligned to prepare students for success.

There are no additional steps needed to view the Blog, but if you would like to sign up for email alerts when there is a new post, you can do so at the bottom of the Blog itself.