September 2021 Newsletter

Thank you to everyone who attended our virtual Print[ED] Summer Conference of 2021! The conference spanned two days with a total of 12 hours of presentations, discussions, and demonstrations. We had around 30 registrations this year with the majority being on the entire time. A special thank you to our keynote speaker this year, Frank Romano, who discussed the future of our industry with the trends and direction it's heading.

Presenter Dave Stocks screenshot for his LinkedIn after discussing marketing and networking in the new normal

For those who did attend, you can access all the exclusive digital files and recordings here at Print[ED] Summer Con 2021. If you were unable to join us, you can still have access to the exclusive recordings, digital files, and essential material package for $75. Just fill out This Form and we'll get you set up with everything.

While this event was virtual, we are looking forward to a time when it is safe for all of us to gather again for a face-to-face meeting. Until then, we will try our best to provide content in this digital format. Our next event will be our Print[ED] Fall Conference which will be Friday, October 15. Like our Winter and Spring events, this will be two hours long with a morning and evening session. If you have anything you'd like to present or hold a discussion on, feel free to let us know! Stay tuned for more information on our Fall event over the upcoming weeks.

We Need Your Input!

Just like our industry, we want to keep Print[ED] evolving and moving forward. With that, we need input from you, our members! If Print[ED] were to add Wide Format as a new Skill Area, would you be interested in it?

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We appreciate you taking the time to answer!

IT in Your Classroom

Computers are used throughout a GC/P plant by virtually every department, starting with the front office to shipping and out the back door. CG/P companies assemble custom workflows based on need and use off-the-shelf and custom hardware and software to create a custom manufacturing environment to produce the types of printing they sell. Your goal is to create an authentic work environment that helps students acquire the skills needed to land a job in Industry.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • Your principal finally got the OK to purchase a new lab of Macs for your program. The computers are delivered, but the IT guy says he can't touch them because they are not on the "approved" list.

    • You finally get started with the installation of the computers after a long battle.

    • The IT guy says that your computers can't be connected to the network because they are not standard-issue.

    • They don't allow a WiFi connection because of security issues.

    • They can't connect with an ethernet cable because the computers didn't come with an adapter.

  • You get funding for a new output device (plate maker, digital press, wide-format device). The output device needs a RIP on the network to send files to it.

  • You bought a machine that needs more power than a standard wall socket can supply.

So what does this have to do with IT and my classroom? The school IT department is the gatekeeper of technology in your classroom, and the technician can either be one of your best allies or your worst enemy. An understanding of their challenges and your needs can help you develop a working relationship with your technician.

Read the full article here . . .

Print is Big! Activity Update

The Print is Big! poster has been updated. Please use the link below to download the new poster and classroom activity. The most recent poster is indicated by the “aleyant” logo in the upper left corner of the poster.

The Print is Big! Infographic is a visually pleasing presentation that helps students understand the Graphic Communications Industry. This activity is especially useful to introduce students to the differences between digital and printed documents.

The poster is also a great piece to display at recruiting events to educate the public. Keep a stack of these out and available for surprise visitors. Give these to guidance counselors for their office. Have a stack out for group visits. Give them away at your open house. Hang the 24 x 36 poster where it will be seen by anyone entering your classroom/lab.

Print is Big! Activity Files

PrintIsBig-11x17 for Students.jpg—Student Handout: This version of the files is much smaller than the 24 x 36 versions of the poster.

PrintIsBig-Add Your School—Student Activity: Personalize this Adobe Illustrator version of the poster by adding your logo and contact information to the lower right corner of the document.

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